Saturday, April 19, 2008

Cleaning and Earth Day

It isn't often you see this happening... those of you who know my house know that my loft half wall is a good 16 feet above the first floor...
Mike got our big, tall ladder out in order to clean the tops of our bookshelves which were covered in dust and dead leaves. Feels so much better now that that is clean!
In the meantime Jake was playing with these, enjoying an over-sized necklace.
Today we went to Portland's annual Earth Day festival. It was sunny but COLD, in the 40's! We really enjoyed listening to the band Luminous Fog, and we actually know one of the band members. Jake was dancing to the music along with everyone else.
Later Jake and Daddy were running around for fun (and for warmth?).
Cute Jake running.
Hat and gloves in April. So weird for Portland.

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