Saturday, April 12, 2008

Brazil Part 3

One of the days we were there we got to take an island tour. We all got into the island taxi. We got to ride in the front, but the beds of these pick-up trucks have benches in the back, and everyone else was back there.
The roads on the island are dirt and very wavy. As you are riding in the taxi you are going up and down and up and down and up and down like some sort of miniature roller-coaster. Very amusing.
It was a beautiful day for the tour.
We walked on the dock to the boat.
Jake and Mike waiting to get on the boat.
Right away, Jake fell asleep, lulled by the hum of the boat's motor and the gentle rocking motion of the boat.
We were comfortable!
My happy husband.
And sweet, sleeping child (wearing his swim diaper).
We went to this island with the hopes of exploring it, but the water was too high to get off the boat. Still looked pretty.
We were able to get off on this island. This boat belonged to the owners of the restaurant on the island. So strange that there was a restaurant on an island! I mean, you have to take a boat to get there!
Jake looking back at our boat.
Jake and Mike wanted to say hi to the dog.
And to the cat, too.
Ahhh... paradise.
Jake and I went swimming in the ocean. We both LOVED it. The waves back at the resort were too strong for us to swim in, but here it was perfect. That white thing on my shoulder is the mesh water sling I put Jake in for swimming. That way I still had 2 hands free to help balance in the water and kept Jake close to me.
A happy Jake after swimming.
Then we got to get back onto the boat and went over to a village and walked through it. Some of the houses were really cool. I liked this yellow one with the fish decorating the sides.
There were chickens running all over.
This house was covered in seashells. Amazing!
The 3 of us crossing a bridge.
Just pretty.
Theo's cousin was there.
We thought this was a beautiful flower.
What a lovely house! My bedroom walls are painted this color.
This is what the phone booths in Brazil are like. Right after I took this picture, this phone rang. A woman came out of her house close by and answered. Then she put down the phone and walked to her neighbor's house to let her know she had a phone call. After a time the neighbor came out and picked up the phone, however, nobody was on the other end. She kept waiting, and finally hung up, but then stood there waiting. After a few minutes the person called back again and they went on to have a conversation. Such a far cry from our cell-phone culture.
All of us got to have a snack of sweetened coconut in the village.
Jake found this tree stump and was having fun climbing up and then jumping off.
We got to see crabs in a cage. Not sure why these crabs were being kept in a cage as they seem pretty small for eating, but I suspect they are used as bait for fishing.
Jake thought it was pretty cool. He wanted to climb into the cage with the crabs until I explained that their claws could hurt him.
Someone made a heart-shaped garden using soda bottles filled with water and buried upside down.
A native fruit. It had a very sharp, tangy flavor which I did not like. But my adventurous eater of a son liked it!!
Back on the boat, and already dark!
Love the sky in this picture.
Jake got to play captain for a moment :)


Amy said...

Is it just me or does Jake look like he's a world traveler extraordinaire? Seriously, how easy was he on this trip? He just looks like he's rolling with everything and more than that, enjoying and soaking in every bit of the experience!!! I love that little guy!!!

Moi! said...

BRAZIL?! I cant believe it! thank you for the pictures. wonderful. I would have liked to see more pictures of FOOD. :)