Thursday, April 17, 2008


Right now blogger is refusing to let me upload pictures. I'm pretty sure the problem is on blogger's end, not mine. At least I hope it isn't related to our recent Mac upgrade to the Leopard system!

I started running again right after I returned from Brazil. I ran cross-country in high school, and did a fair amount of running during college, for exercise, but since then, haven't really run at all. Every once in a while I thought about it, and even made a non-serious attempt to get back into it occasionally, and I'd run one, two, or even three times before something would come up and I'd stop again. Anyway, for me, the 4th run is the magic number. If I can get past my 4th run, then I'm good to go. For some reason the 3rd and 4th runs are physically and mentally SO hard for me. Today was my 5th run (in 8 days), and it was an awesome run! I could feel that my lungs were finally expanding, I was getting back into the grove, and finally got that runner's high at the end.

Mike started running as well, which is great. We got a jogging stroller from a friend (thank you, Rebekah!!!) and we will clean it and take it in to be tuned up. Once that's done, we plan to go to the Portland waterfront and run together, the 3 of us. (Actually, more likely, Mike will run ahead (he's a speed demon) and then turn around and meet up with me again and then we'll run back together.)

Anyway, I'm really glad for this and also I must give a shout-out to my cousins in California for also being my inspiration to get back into running! :)

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UrbanHippieMama said...

how wonderful!! we should run together sometime. :) i loved when i could just put kylin in the jogging stroller and go whenever i want, now it is a little harder to orchestrate, but it is more of a treat when i do get to go out and run by myself.