Sunday, April 20, 2008

I WILL laugh about this someday... right?

Today has been such a nice Sunday. Went for a fabulous run this morning, had a yummy breakfast, did all sorts of chores and chatted with a friend online. Had a yummy lunch, then did some reading and had a nap!

When I woke up from my nap I opened the dryer to take out the load I had started earlier. I noticed pink spots on the clothes. What?!? This was not a load of whites with a pair of red socks in it. None of the clothes were new and had all been laundered many times before. Once I had taken all of the clothes out, all of them with pink spots, I discovered the culprit...

Yup, that is a red Crayola crayon. Oy!! $*#Q(*! I have NO idea how that got in there. There were no pants in that load of clothes that the crayon could have been hiding inside. I don't know if Jake threw the crayon in there right before I closed the door. I will never know.

And here is my sadly pink dryer. That I spent the next 30 minutes scrubbing.

I put the clothes back in the washer for a soak and another washing, and am keeping my fingers crossed that the clothes come out without pink spots.


hendreque said...

OMG! Carson left a crayon in his pocket and his pants were thrown in with a couple of Madison's pocket diapers (errr well Mad throws her diapers in the clothes bin instead of the diaper bin) and now they have brown crayon on them :( if you find a way to get crayon off of clothes you MUST!!!! tell me your secret!

Mama Nomad said...

i hope your clothes come out clean!

i remember just before i left for college i bought a few hundred dollars worth of clothes from old navy, then went home to wash them...somehow a soft oil-based black marking pencil my dad uses for sign work got in with the dryer...totally permanent. i flipped out. but somehow talked old navy into exchanging the did i do that? i must be pretty persuasive at times, it was so not their fault--lol!

Lee said...

Luckily, the pink spots came out -- after taking the clothes out of the (pink) dryer I immediately put them into the washer on cold soak. Then washed them hot. So glad it worked.

Hedro said...

This recently happened with Lily and a BRIGHT green crayon. I'm going to have to try your trick!


toriindenver said...

I had to giggle at your post - oh the trying things that get in our way of a $%*($#@-free day! I hope your next load is unremarkable. love, tori