Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Advent Calendar

Last year I searched for an advent calendar I liked, but didn't find one. My parents have a beautiful wooden one that I grew up with, and we used it year after year. I wanted something similar for my family, and this year I found one I like. I hope it will stay in the family for a long time and I like that it is completely reusable!

Jake is thrilled with it. Every day he asks if he can open another door. I always have to tell him "tomorrow". In the mornings, he gets so excited that he can open one of the doors and pull out the ornament behind it. The funny thing is that the openings are so small Jake actually has an easier time getting the ornaments out than I do!
Right now the ornaments are still wrapped in paper since we just got it. Here he pulled out the paper but the ornament is still sitting in the little box...
Today's ornament is a rocking horse! He was beside himself with happiness when he pulled out a train yesterday.
And the day before that it was a reindeer, to which we signed "deer" while at the same time saying in English "reindeer." Later in the day Jake pointed to the advent calendar and signed "rain" + "deer." I was so impressed!


Elizabeth said...

I love it when he translates b/w English and ASL. They are my fave Jake stories. So smart!

korin said...

I love that advent calendar? where did you find it?