Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Cabo Finale

The rest of the trip/pictures...

Three of the days that we were there, Jake fell asleep while we were at the beach club, and either slept in my arms or on the lounge chair. I had the pleasure of an hour of uninterrupted reading time!

Home again, home again... thankfully all of us had full rows on the plane back to Portland. Jake spent the middle part of the trip rotating between the three rows, but mostly wanted to be with Aunt Amy and Tyler!
While we were there on Boxing Day (December 26th), we had a boat take us around to the tip of the island, where they have 2 beautiful beaches on opposite sides of each other. One is called Lover's Beach, and the other is Divorice Beach, we don't know why. We played on the sand on Lover's Beach, and Jake laughed and laughed while playing in the surf. Unfortunately, we forgot to bring a camera, but it was great.

That night, Jake was exhausted, having only had a 5 minute nap in the car ride home from the boat trip. He fell asleep at 5pm and was still very sleepy and groggy at 8pm, when we were just sitting down to dinner. All of our efforts to wake up him and get him to eat were met with "NOoooooo," the evil eye, and a burrowing of his head in my shoulder. Suddenly, we heard fireworks, and ran outside and saw a stunning 1 minute fireworks display. They woke Jake up, and he was enraptured and excited by the display. After that he was totally happy and ate a good dinner. It cracked us all up that it took fireworks to get Jake out of his bad mood nap!

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