Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas in Mexico

Christmas Eve... we relaxed at the villa we rented in Cabo.
A nice dinner was delivered that we simply heated and assembled!
The stockings were hung by the ... erm.. hung on the cabinets with care.

Christmas morning! We could have had a white Christmas in Portland, but this sunny one was really nice!
Christmas breakfast.
Opening the presents in the stockings! We were so lucky to get our stockings -- the luggage that my parents checked and that we checked (a total of 3 bags and a carseat) did not arrive when we did -- we got the bags the evening of the 23rd and the carseat the evening of the 24th, whew!! The stockings and presents for them were in those checked bags.

Tyler got some bad-ass socks.

Jake loved reaching into his stocking and pulling things out.
He got a new wooden train for his Thomas the Train collection. Gordon joined Duck, Salty, Bill and Ben the trains. (Funny, he asked for Thomas, but we haven't been able to find Thomas!)
After presents, this is what we did.


Shana said...

I could not be more jealous of your trip!

Amy said...

Shew that idea, Christmas in Cabo! By the way are you totally loving your new camera or WHAT? Your pictures are really beautiful! I want to go to Mexico now just for the LIGHT! LOL

I was imagining if I met my sister and her family, and my parents down in Mexico for a holiday like that.

6 adults/9 kids.

I'm not sure it's a great idea to go anywhere foreign where the kids outnumber the adults. Yet. LOL