Monday, December 29, 2008

A Very Mexican Dinner

For our Christmas dinner we all went out to a Mexican restaurant. Of course we had to bring the trains.
The place was all decorated in festive lights.
Notice the chair in which my mom is sitting, and the glass that the candle is in.
Jake had his very first virgin strawberry daiquiri!

This clown came around to do balloon art. Jake was totally in awe and fascinated.
Jake got this ... penguin?
Then someone else gave him this flower balloon thing. It was supposed to go on top of his head, but he insisted on wearing it like a necklace.
A very fun dinner! The drinks were large and delicious, the food yummy. We were serenaded by 3 men with guitars, watched a woman dance with a candle on her head, and turned down multiple offers to have caricature art portraits done.

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