Thursday, December 18, 2008

Doll Sling

There was more playtime today. The kids pulled out this doll sling that I had gotten just after Jake was born but he hadn't shown any interest until now. Isn't that cute!?
Skylar loved it, too. She kept walking around with the doll in there and would pat its bottom on occasion.
They even went in for a "family" group hug :)
Meanwhile, it snowed on and off all day. We've had temperatures in the 20's this week, but today it was hovering around 35, so the streets were pretty slushy. They are frozen tonight!


Candice said...

Oh boyzee. Would it be OK to secretly hope that they get married one day so that you can show this photo at their wedding?

Aaron said...

Off the point... I have plenty good memories of Jake's father and I on the road during the winter time. Some were purely fun but some sure were nightmare. Hey bro, remember we destroyed your mother's Christmas present... My Jetta bended her shovel while we bros were digging my car out of the snow banks less than an eighth mile to mv's home. My car went flat-out straight into the snow when I wanted to turn right. That was not the only time. That Christopher corner was alway icy no matter how slow u drive.