Saturday, December 27, 2008

To Cabo!!

On December 20th we headed to the airport to fly to Seattle, then to Cabo, Mexico. Portland had been getting snow and ice and another big storm was on the way -- to arrive the afternoon of the 20th. Arriving at the airport, we found that our 9am flight to Seattle was delayed, thus we would miss our flight to Cabo. The airline had put the 3 of us Vees on a 8am flight, even though our boarding pass printed the day before showed us on a 8:30am flight, but we had not received any notification of all of this! Craziness. And my parents weren't put on an earlier flight. So after standing at the ticket counter for 30 minutes, trying to figure out some other way to Cabo (San Francisco? Phoenix? Houston? LA? Everything was booked full) it was looking like there was no way we could get there until the 23rd since everything was booked and there was a huge snow/ice storm coming in. Then we had the agent check again and discovered that the Cabo flight out of Seattle was also delayed, so we were able to fly out of Portland to Seattle at 10:15am and made the flight to Cabo. Lucky, lucky, lucky us!!!
This is where we ended up.
Amy and Tyler made it out of NYC during a blizzard -- most flights out of NYC were cancelled but they got out. Lucky, lucky!!
After some stressful traveling, some pampering was needed. Mom enjoyed a pedicure, I got a massage.
Dad was happy to read a book when he wasn't running or snorkeling.

Jake played and read books and played some more.
So happy at the swimming pool at the house we stayed at. They had a big pool and this little one that was perfect for him to play in.
And blow bubbles.
All sunshine here... while Portland got 2-3 feet of snow/ice.

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Rebekah said...

Pedicure and Cabo, eh? Boy you suck. But I love you. And I hate you. I can't decide. It's SO not Cabo here in Portland. Humph. Safe travels! (and you still suck)