Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Playdough Boats

Yesterday Skylar came over to play in the morning. The nanny is away on vacation and Skylar's mom needed some help to get work done. I was very happy to have her come over so she and Jake could both get some cabin-fever energy out!
They played with playdough. Jake always has us make cars, but then Skylar asked for boats. However, I didn't understand her when she was asking, and Jake looked at her, then at me, and signed "boat." That was officially his first time interpreting a word for me! I was amazed.


elliesmadre said...

They are too sweet together. :) Maybe he'll grow up to be an interpreter!

Shana said...

What a clever boy!

Saam said...

thats awesome! what a great story! my mom still loves to tell the sotry of when i first interpreted for her... i let her know the phone was ringing. haha. :)

cute pics!