Saturday, September 20, 2008

27 Months

Today Jake is 27 months. He is really becoming his own person. Pretty amazing. He loves to help me out any way he can. When I do the laundry, he helps me move the clothes from the hamper to the washing machine and then again to the dryer, and wants to push the buttons to start the washing machine and dryer. While I cook, I try to involve him as much as possible so he can see what I'm doing and to foster an interest in learning to cook. This morning he helped me get the pancake batter ready (we have a Saturday morning ritual where we always have pancakes). He has also been attempting to put his socks on himself, but hasn't quite succeeded yet. Soon, though!

He also loves to settle into a chair with a book and read to himself. For a short time in the morning and after dinner he'll watch a little of Curious George on DVD, and when it's time to turn it off, it's so much easier on everyone if he is the one to turn off the TV.

He loves to get the car keys out of the drawer and play with the remotes, sometimes triggering the car alarms. I don't think our neighbors like that too much. He talks so much now, and is in that stage where he repeats what we say. He's starting to learn his colors -- his favorite way to learn about them is to see what color diaper we are taking off and putting on during diaper changes! He'll use the potty sometimes, but it is a back and forth thing.

Every day he asks to go to the playground. We're so lucky to have 3 within walking distance, in addition to exploring some of the other wonderful playgrounds in this city.

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