Saturday, September 6, 2008

These feet were made for walking...

The new Food Front Coop has opened up near us, finally! This was after the Wild Oats that was there was sucked up and shut down by Whole Foods. Bah. But the replacement is awesome!

We needed groceries, but we also needed an outing yesterday morning. So I decided that Jake and I would walk to Food Front, which is 0.93 miles from our house. We took the wagon, the yamo, and our reusable cloth grocery bags and headed out. On the way there Jake alternated between walking and riding in the wagon. It was really nice! We shopped, then loaded our groceries into the wagon. On the way back Jake walked a bit but then mostly rode on my back in the yamo. It was perfect, and also a good workout -- it is mostly uphill going back home! (Taking a shower after is a good idea.)

I have to admit, I was nervous before setting out. It would have been oh so easy to just jump in the car and be there in 3 minutes. Plus I was nervous about walking uphill with a wagon full of groceries and an almost 30 pound kid on my back. But I reminded myself of women all over the world who walk for miles to get wood, water, etc. and then carry them back, sometimes also with their children strapped to their bodies. This was not a big deal.

So I feel really good and am glad I did it. We now have a grocery store within walking distance. I didn't use any gas. We got exercise, fresh air, and vitamin D from the sunshine. I think we'll do it as much as we can.


Hedro said...

That's wonderful, Lee! Yay for walking to the store! I wish we had a co-op close by! Oh well... some day.


Elizabeth said...

I am so impressed! And I'm jealous that you have a fabulous co-op in walking distance. You can read about our adventures in local food (sadly, mostly courtesy of Whole Foods) on our new blog:!

Comptons said...

What a nice outing! The only grocery in walking distance to us is a Safeway, so I'm a bit jealous of your lovely co-op! And I admit I drive there if I need more than will comfortably fit in the stroller. T'will be easier when Chase is stable in the wagon.