Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Comedy of Errors Messes

Let me preface this by telling you that in the morning, Jake had a very long bath. I proceeded to dry and dress him fully (2 shirts, diaper, pants, socks) before letting him know that Mama needed to shower. He then proceeded to cry that he wanted to get into the shower with me. Well okay. So I undress him, he showers with me, I dress him.

Later that afternoon, after the mailperson has delivered the mail, I decide I want to put my Netflix movie in the nearest mailbox so it will go out that day. So Jake and I walked down to the mailbox, only to discover that pick up time at that mailbox was 1pm, and it was already 1:30. Shoot. So I decide to keep on walking to the post office. Because I had only anticipated this being a half-mile walk instead of a mile-plus walk, I didn't bring the stroller or yamo with me. And of course Jake decided he wanted me to carry him most of the way. Sigh. So we return home, tired.

I had made a quart of cold tea last night/this morning, and had poured some in a glass for Jake. While I was doing something else, he attempted to pour more tea for himself. The tea went all over the countertop, his clothes, the seat, and the floor. So I cleaned all that up.

Then he got up on the seat by himself and dumped out an entire box of crackers. So I cleaned that up.

He was running around wearing pants but no diaper (he had already pooped in the toilet, and normally only poops once a day). He was outside and I was at the opposite end of the house and he walked all the way through the house to tell me he'd pooped in his pants. It was a mess. So I had to run him upstairs for his 3rd bath/shower of the day which was a bad deal because at the same time I had just put granola in the oven, and this granola requires that you stir it every 5 minutes to keep it from burning. Plus there was poop to clean up. Thank goodness we don't have carpet.

Luckily Mike arrived home and was able to take over the bathing of the child. I ran downstairs and dealt with the granola (which thankfully, did not burn) and cleaned up the mess.

I'm exhausted and praying for no more messes today. If there are, Mike can clean them up :)


numinosity said...

HAHAHA. sorry, you just describe a typical day for me. (minus the poop). toddlers are messy creatures!

xo, korin

elliesmadre said...

Never a dull moment, that's for sure.

Laura said...

yep, typical day! haha!

Hedro said...

here too. Ha ha ha ha. Ruby tore up a newspaper earlier and... I should have taken a picture. Our living room looked like a subway station after a VERY long day. Heh heh heh...