Friday, September 26, 2008

Custer Park

Recently we found that there is a THIRD playground within walking distance of our house! This one is a really nice one, too, and it is great to have a variety so none of us get bored.

Jake is really getting into climbing right now, and is exploring things to climb on playgrounds that he wasn't able to climb before. He really does need to get out and play daily since he has been climbing on things at home, too!
Snack time in the sun.
The most awesome thing about this playground is that it has a merry-go-round!! It is so rare to see one of those at parks nowadays, I am not sure why, since they are so much fun. Jake loves it.
Here Jake is telling me to "push" to make it spin around faster.

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elliesmadre said...

That is great to have so many parks in walking distance. The park near us has a merry go round and Eleanor has little to no interest in it. lol But the super high slide she loves. :)