Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I'm Late, I'm Late!

This morning Mike had to be at work at 5am, something that I totally forgot about. I was rather puzzled as to why it was so dark when he got up, and why it took such a long time for the sun to come up. I actually questioned whether it was "fall back" time when we turn the clocks back an hour -- that's how sleepy I was! I finally realized, long after Mike left, what was happening. Which reminded me of this story...

When I was in high school my family took a trip to Germany and to Paris (yes, we visited multiple towns in Germany then took a train straight to Paris and stayed there until we flew out. Hence I can't say we went to Germany and France). We had a fantastic time, and became experts on using multiple transportation systems and the like. Oddly enough, some of my strongest memories from that trip are the different (and sometimes weird) hotel rooms in which we stayed.

We were in our last hotel room, in Paris (which reeked of cigarette smoke), and that morning was our day to fly home. My dad had gone for a last run along the Champs de Elyse, and my mom, sister, and I were slowly packing our bags and getting dressed. I vividly recall being in the shower. (Can you call them showers? They are bathtubs with a shower faucet, and no shower curtain. Water gets sprayed all over. Is there some secret to taking a shower without flooding the bathroom floor??) Anyway, I was in the shower and I had just finished shaving one leg and was putting shaving cream on the other one. Suddenly, my mother rushes in. "The cab to take us to the airport is here! We have to leave now!" It was the day that the clocks went on spring forward one hour ahead, and we had completely, utterly forgotten. I still had a leg to shave, a suitcase to finish packing, and a stomach that needed breakfast. Somehow, everything came together and we got to the airport. I remember we got chocolate croissants for breakfast from an airport vendor. Also, the airport was in chaos. Seemed that half the people remembered, and half the people forgot about the time change. Our plane was held up an hour so everyone could make the flight.

To this day I cannot, for the life of me, remember if I actually shaved that second leg.


Elizabeth said...

I think I've been in that hotel. Or are they just all the same?

Aaron said...

Thanks, your post made me late for work too!

For your next post, write something about "I'm Early, I'm Early" so I could get to my work early. *wink*