Saturday, August 30, 2008

Amazing Jake

Jake has been doing so many new things lately! He is definitely growing and outgrowing his clothes. Luckily the Hanna Andersson outlet store was having a big sale today so I was able to go and get him clothes for this fall and winter.
It's a good thing I got him some new clothes.
With growing comes some growing pains. He's had his share of falls and scrapes, and yesterday he fell down the stairs for the first time. I didn't see it happen, but I was on my way to the stairs so I was there immediately. He was crying, of course, but was fine except for a few bruises on his face. Ouch :( He'll see his chiropracticer on Monday, so she'll make sure he's okay. He had been going down the stairs by himself for quite some time, and doing well. I think he just got a little overconfident and slipped. So we're going to make sure we give him some more help on the stairs for awhile.
If you look closely, you can see the bruise on his cheek (on the left side in the picture). On the right side is evidence that he gorged on strawberries at the farmer's market!
For a long time, he LOVED books. Read them all the time and wanted to be read to. Then in the past few months he lost almost all interest in books. Took a long break from them and focused on other things. Very recently he has returned to books, but with a developmental leap -- he is reading them out loud to himself and to us and remembers the context on individual pages. He is also ready to be read to -- he's actively listening to the story. As Gramma suggested, I'll have to look into taking him to storytime at the library now!
Jake has both bottom 2nd year molars fully in, and one of the top 2nd year molars partway in. We measured his height recently at 34 1/4 inches. Not sure how much he weighs but he's definitely heavier now. When we go walking he sometimes prefers the stroller, but other times wants nothing to do with it. We are so thankful to have the yamo for those times -- he can walk all he wants and then as soon as he gets tired we just pop him into the yamo and we're all happy.

How did he go from a tiny little baby to a walking, talking, thinking, lovable person in 26 short months?!?

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Aaron said...

Jake is walking, talking, thinking, lovable person because Mike and you are fabulous parents!