Sunday, August 3, 2008

Hair FUN!

Today we decided to go to Bishops for haircuts. It is a walk-in place and the hairdressers all have cool/edgy hair and tattoos.

Before pictures... Guthrie and me.

Jake, who was fascinated by some of what was going on.
That's not blonde hair dye!
They ask, "would you like water or beer with your haircut?".
Mike's awesome new 'do. That's my HOT punk-rocker looking husband!!

The "before" of me with my hair down. Bleah!!!
During... notice the difference between the two sides...

*Stay tuned for more hair pictures tomorrow, including the color outcome of Guthrie's hair!!


Candice said...

Cute, both of you! Your hair must grow fast, or time must go by fast, because I feel like you just got it cut pretty short.

Korin said...

lots of sexy! :D

SUV Mama said...

Okay, you guys know some REALLY awesome places. Whoo hoo for sexy hair cuts!