Thursday, August 14, 2008

Do Not Mail

Interrupting our regular posting cuteness for this important message...

Do you like the Do Not Call Registry? You know, the one that prevents you from getting unsolicited phone calls about insurance quotes during dinnertime?

How about the same thing with Junk Mail? Want to help stop those credit card offers, flyers telling you that you can buy 2 pizzas for the price of 1? I hate junk mail -- it is a waste of trees/paper that goes directly into my recycling bin. So silly.

You can do two things:

1. Go to and sign the petition to ask our politicians to help support a Do Not Mail registry.

2. Go to and sign up to have them help stop the flow of junk mail into your house. It is drastically reduced my junk mail and unwanted catalogs; there have actually been some days where NOTHING has come through my mail slot. Awesome.

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