Friday, August 8, 2008

Implant and Sword Fight

We went up to OHSU to activate Mike's new cochlear implant. It works, hooray!!

Whoa, he hears something...
Mike had to listen while the audiologist started at a base level and then adjusted it so that Mike could just barely perceive 3 beeps through his new implant. She had to do that 5 times across a 24-channel frequency to adjust the softness. Then she did the same thing for the loudness settings. That is a lot of beeps to listen for -- first when you barely hear them and strain to perceive any beeps and distinguish those between actual beeps and your imagination playing tricks on you. Then again with the loudness making sure it is loud enough but not so loud that it is uncomfortable.

Jake played with toys while Daddy listened hard.
The new processor. The bottom part that is beige will be replaced with black when more is in stock.
Jake wanted to carry Daddy's HUGE box of processor parts and accessories.
So Mike has been wearing both his old and new processors. He said that it is much more tolerable when he wears both together rather than just the new one alone. It helps the new one perceive sound as sound -- when you first get an implant you really don't hear any sounds, you feel them somewhere. I would feel a flooding sensation going through my brain. Mike feels them more as electrical signals. Another person I know feels them in his heart. Then, over time, the brain gradually perceives sound instead of a feeling. So with Mike's second, the brain is learning the signals from his left auditory nerve much faster because the brain is already receives and understands the signals from the right auditory nerve.

A shot that Jake took of Mama.
Jake has a sword fight with Guthrie!


Amy said...

I just find that so amazing that with technology you can give a deaf person the ability to hear sound!! Has he ever been hearing before? What a trip!! Tell him I said congrats on the new implants!

Gosh you look like you're having so much fun with Guthrie!!!

SUV Mama said...

My nephew is going to have an implant this year...we're very excited to see how it goes. :)

And that was some fancy footwork there on the sword fight!

Lee said...

Amy -- Mike (like me) wore hearing aids growing up, which did give him quite a bit of hearing. Then in 2004 he got his first implant on the right side. Gave him greater ability to hear certain sounds, like "s" and "z" and "sh", etc.

Now this year his second implant!

I got mine in 1993, awhile ago. At this point I have no plans for getting a second.