Monday, August 4, 2008

Mike's 30th!

We had a small birthday bash for Mike's 30th this year. It was mostly out-of-town guests who came, so that was special.

But before we get to that... Guthrie's hair color!!!!! Very hot.
Lola and Sara helped husk the corn for the party.
Guthrie and Sara.
Now that is a hot couple :)
Cameron and Mike.
The three kids -- Jake, Violet, and Lola.
These two had a great time together!
Happy birthday to you...

Jake helped blow out the candles.
We had good food -- fish, corn, brown rice, salad and of course the chocolate-zucchini cake.
Even the cats had a party -- they got the leftover raw tuna. Probably their most expensive meal, ever. They loved it.
Because of this...

It took about 6 tries to get
this picture. Lee and Sara.
New t-shirt from the Alex Grey museum in NYC.

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UrbanHippieMama said...

Happy Birthday, Mike!!! Glad to see you were surrounded by love and happiness. :)