Monday, August 25, 2008


It seems that soon I will begin traveling for my job again. I have been doing many things to prepare, including setting up nanny/day care for Jake.

Another thing I did was to buy some travel-size toiletries since I plan to carry-on my baggage the majority of the time. So everything has to be 3 ounces or less so the TSA can see them in the little plastic bag and declare that you are safe to fly.

Jake was fascinated with the travel-sized deodorant, I think he thought it was a kid-sized one for him!

I caught him pretending to put the deodorant on (the stuff hasn't yet been moved to the top). So I grabbed the camera and asked him to do it again. He flat out-refused to perform and got all shy looking at the camera. So I stood up and put down the camera. He started to do it again, so without him knowing I started recording again...

I laughed really hard at him catching me recording and trying to hide what he was doing.


elliesmadre said...

I had the sound turned off because it's late, but I loved the eyebrows when you caught him. Very cute.

Zarebski said...

What a cute story of a kid & a deodorant.

Candice said...

Ha! That was funny!