Saturday, August 9, 2008

Oaks Park

We made an impromptu visit to Oaks Amusement Park today! I went once in a while growing up but haven't been there in years.

Jake rode on this rocket ship ride.
At first he wasn't too sure about it, during the middle he wanted out, but then at the end when it was all over he said he liked it.
Then Jake and Mama went on this tugboat ride together. He didn't like it very much. Mike and I have always LOVED amusement park rides, especially the ones that spin all over the place really fast. I hope Jake will grow to love them, too.
So then the three of us went on this "hot air balloon" ride. Jake kept his eyes closed the whole time. We decided that was enough (but we enjoyed it!).

We decided to do the train ride at the end. Jake LOVED it. It was just his style.

Then we went to Laughing Planet for some yummy food. (I'm thrilled because a Laughing Planet will be opening up soon just a mile away from my house!!!)
Jake always loves playing with the dinosaurs there.

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