Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tissue Queen No Longer

So how is everyone doing with the Ditch the Disposables challenge?

For my challenge, I decided to see what I could do about reducing the amazing amount of tissues we go through in this house. I mean, I am used to ordering tissue boxes by the case -- that 10% discount and not having to repeatedly buy tissues at the store are nice incentives. But that meant that I occasionally do have to get more tissues and it costs money.

So I ordered some beautiful handkerchiefs from Kasper Organics.

They arrived in the mail yesterday, just in time to test out on the runny nose that Jake has from a cold. So far they are working beautifully -- thin enough to use easily but thick enough so that there is no 'ick' factor when I am wiping his nose (or mine). Also, his nose isn't getting totally red from being wiped the way it does when using tissues. I got about 7 handkerchiefs, so I can use one or more a day and then throw them in the wash. I'll see if that is enough, and if not, I'll just order more as they aren't too expensive.

Growing up, my dad always had a cloth handkerchief in his back pocket. I remember using it to wipe my nose many, many times as a little girl. They were really nice handkerchiefs, too, but I'm not sure they were much fun for my mom to iron. Maybe that's why he stopped using them?

Now if only I could teach Jake to blow his nose.

Oh -- an update. Apparently my dad DOES still use cloth handkerchiefs. I guess I'm just old enough not to need to use daddy's handkerchiefs anymore :)


Elizabeth said...

Brent uses handkerchiefs. I've always thought of it as quaint and old fashioned. But it never occurred to me that it was "green" too! He just bought some new fancy ones at the Brooks Brothers outlet near us. He'll be doing his own ironing.

elliesmadre said...

My dad always used handkerchiefs too. :) I actually kept one when he passed away. We have so many cloth wipes here, that we usually just use those for runny noses, tears, whatever. And Eleanor is almost 3 and a half and is just barely blowing her nose.

Oh, I don't think my dad ever ironed his handkerchiefs. And you could always make your own from cute old sheets or something.