Sunday, September 7, 2008

Anywhere there is water...

...Jake is a happy boy! Here you see him with his water table. He likes to make the toys drown swim.
He's been really into his toy "people" lately. I was impressed with how he lined them all up!
The toy people are watching an underwater auto show...
We were at the beach this past weekend. Friends of ours got married on the beach in Seaside, Oregon. The ceremony was beautiful. The day was very overcast, and very cold/windy as you got close to the water, but it still felt great to be there. Jake was thrilled, he went in the water and loved having the waves go over his feet then running away from them.
It was so foggy on Saturday, but Sunday was gorgeous and sunny. I totally slacked on the picture-taking after I took these 2 pictures (guess the beach relaxed me so much!) but it was lovely being there. We didn't want to leave on Sunday, but we played on the beach for over an hour before dashing back to our hotel 30 minutes before check-out time in order to give Jake a bath before driving him home. He had sand everywhere!

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