Saturday, September 13, 2008

Washington Park Playground

Yesterday Gramma and I took Jake to the playground at Washington Park. It was awesome! I had seen it before, before Jake was born, and I finally remembered that I had seen it, and that I should take Jake there. I'm glad we did -- he was thrilled.

The entrance to the play structure. Jake made us laugh so hard by totally posing for the picture!
I had to go down this one really big slide with him. It was one of those covered slides so I had to lie flat with Jake on top of me. There were these older boys playing too, and I would scramble to get out of the slide before one of them took his turn on the slide. Not so easy to do with a toddler on top of you and having to practically get onto the ground to sit up and get out of the slide. Still, it was fun since Jake loved it so much.

The huge sand area was awesome. Jake spent the first 10 minutes cleaning the sand off the elephant.
Then we went back to Gramma's house where the two of them played with this cute Curious George puzzle.

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elliesmadre said...

Eleanor has a pose she does for pictures too. It's so cute. That park looks great!