Wednesday, November 19, 2008

2.5 Year Old Helps Rescue Cat

Yesterday Theo had been outside playing for awhile. Later that afternoon, Mike had already left for his evening class and Jake and I were headed out the door to Gramma's. Kami was already inside, but I kept yelling for Theo to come inside, and kept shaking his bag of favorite treats. I was starting to get completely annoyed that Theo was refusing to come inside.

Once more, right before we had to leave, I went outside to yell for Theo again. I was holding Jake while I went outside and even checked on the other side of the gate to see if he was having a standoff with another cat, as he sometimes does.

Finally I decided "screw him!" and headed back inside. But then Jake tugged on me and said "up!"

Again, "up!"

So I decided to see what he was talking about, and went to the edge of the porch and looked up. Theo was peering down at us from on top of the porch roof, meowing. He was clearly upset. He'd gotten himself stuck up there!

Poor Theo. I went and got a ladder and managed to get him down. I am so happy that Jake heard him and let me know as I would have never heard him nor thought to look up there. I don't think Theo will do that again!

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