Friday, November 21, 2008

Snack Tray

Recently some other moms that I know have been talking about using snack trays for their children, so I decided to make one today.

In this tray we have pears, nuts, carrots, and popcorn.
Jake liked it!
The pears disappeared first.
Then the popcorn.
It took awhile, but then all the carrots were gone. Leaving the nuts and a yellow car.
I'll do this a lot more, as neither of us realized how hungry he was when he immediately gobbled it up.


radishly said...

OMG his expression is sooooo cute in that first shot. He must have been quite intrigued by this new delivery system. :)

elliesmadre said...

I always read your blog on Google Reader, so I didn't notice that you changed the color and pic on your blog. I like it! Eleanor always loves the muffin tray for snacks. I like it because when I ask her if she wants A or B for a snack, this is the answer I get. "Weeeeeelllll...Hoooowwww abbbooouuutt....C??" So, I have better luck with the exciting snack buffet. :)

korin said...

Ruby loves the snack tray! i got a heart shaped one that is silicone, but will be looking for a metal one as she can't carry this without spilling. I usually try to have at least 4 options, and will do it for lunch sometimes too. :)

Tess said...

That is a really cute idea. I think even my nine year old would think that is fun for a movie night snack smorgasborg or some such!

OK, the meme... come on, it's not that challenging. Chose one of your posts that demonstrates life as a "real mom" and add it to the list. Then follow the posting instructions. See? Piece of cake.

Cake. Yum.

Tess said...

Ugh. The "Tess" comment is me. Long story short: one of my teens set up a mock profile using my gmail account for an experiment and when I picked up my laptop this morning, I didn't realize it was logged into the gmail thing. Blech. So all that stuff, above, from me.

Shana said...

WTF? I thought I logged out and logged in as myself, but apparently I am not so bright. TRYING AGAIN. bear with me.