Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Metolius River Hike

Saturday the 5 of us decided to go for a hike. Jake had refused to nap so we went ahead and drove there and this is what he looked like when we arrived.
We started down the trail...
We put Jake on my back, and he kept his eyes tightly shut for 3/4 of the hike!!
This is a beautiful springs that comes directly out of the hillside into the river.
The water was crystal clear, so beautiful. I was looking for fish, but didn't see any.
There were rapids here and there along the river. During the hike my Dad was mentally navigating the river in a kayak, planning the route he would take through the various rapids.
It was so fun to go hiking with both my parents.
Jake finally woke up and hiked the last 1/4 of the trail back to the car.
Stopping to admire the snowberries. (They are "for the birds" as we have to tell Jake.)
Gramma and Jake looking at the water.
Papa helped Jake put his hand in the water to feel how cold it was.
Jake liked that!
Family shot.
Cool husband.

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