Monday, November 10, 2008

Giant Pumpkin

So I forgot to mention this story, and my Mom reminded me...

Early in October Food Front Coop was having their grand opening. I went there to shop during that time and saw that they were having a contest to guess the weight of this giant pumpkin. So I filled out a paper with my guess.
I won!!! Not only did I win, but I guessed the exact weight of 488 pounds. My prize was a $100 food shopping gift card, yay!
The guess was a lucky one, but I did have a bit of help. I have a neighbor a few streets over who grows a giant pumpkin every year to be entered in a weigh-in. The pumpkin grows in their front yard and they always post updates on how the pumpkin is doing. (This year's pumpkin was named Archie.) About a week before I guessed in the contest, I had walked by Archie and taken a good look at all 320 pounds of him. Thanks, Archie!


Rebekah said...

Genius guessing! I think you could be a carney!

Shana said...

How cool! You can buy a lot of pumpkin with that $100!