Saturday, November 1, 2008


First, it is Nablopomo! I am going to attempt it this year for the first time. Wish me luck :)

Secondly, it is the end of the Ditch the Disposables two-month challenge.
I am really pleased with how well my family met this challenge. We used up the last of our tissues, then started using the cloth handkerchiefs that I brought. Both Mike and Jake used them through a week of a runny nose, and neither of them got sore noses, hooray! Now that we've gotten into the habit of using them, I finally brought a couple boxes of tissues to keep around for guests since I think we'll now reach for the cloth first.

And lastly, more about our Halloween. Once we got home from trick-or-treating, Jake put his pumpkin full of candy in front of the fireplace for the Halloween ghost. Then while he was elsewhere, the ghost came and left this basket of goodies. I think next year I'll have him leave the candy overnight before it gets replaced, sort of a cross combination of Christmas and Easter.

Read here about Mama Nomad's Sugar Fairy... I just might have to change Halloween Ghost to Sugar Fairy for subsequent years, sounds much nicer and more plausible!
A small pumpkin (which, strangely, he was the most delighted with), a dinosaur coloring book, and a panda mug that had lollipops, chocolates, and honey sticks.

Okay, he doesn't look totally thrilled with his honey sticks in this picture, but he really does like them. He's been making that face for a lot of his photos lately. I'm hoping it is a (short-lived) phase.

The reason I have photos of him with his Halloween basket the next day is because after getting home from trick or treating in the Village and carving pumpkins, he was falling asleep in his dinner! And it wasn't even 7pm yet. I was looking forward to having him help me answer the door and also take him trick or treating at a few houses on our street. But it was not to be! He was in bed and asleep by 7pm, which is super early for him. And yes, he slept until almost 7am. Wow.

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