Monday, November 24, 2008

Kitty Love

The relationship between Jake and the cats, Theo and Kami, has waxed and waned. When Jake was a just-born infant and we would return home from an outing, the cats would look at me with an expression as if to say "you brought that thing back?" which is funny considering he was born at home.
Then the cats got used to his presence and tolerated this infant who was around but at least stayed out of their way.
But then Jake learned to crawl... and then walk. The cats learned the fine art of quickly getting out of a toddler's reach, and the best way to stop the chase (simply going around the kitchen island only invites chase, but jumping over the gate and up the stairs is a sure way to end the chase).
Now Jake is older still, and all of our patient efforts to show him the best way to touch the cats (pet gently! no, don't pull their fur/ear/tail!) are finally coming to fruition. Yay!

This is the first time Kami has sat on Jake's lap. Granted, I put her there, but she actually stayed once she realized that Jake was petting her gently, and not about to do a karate chop on her body.
Jake loved it!
The relationship between these two? ... they're still working on it.

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