Friday, November 28, 2008

An Unoffical Holiday

Today is Black Friday, also known as Buy Nothing Day. Since we are more in the mindset of the latter camp, we stayed home, determined not to buy anything. But really, it was more of an excuse just to be lazy and stay in sweatpants all day. It was nice! I played with Jake, and played a couple games of Suduko and one computer game. Drank lots of tea, read a magazine, and showered. However, it wasn't a completely lazy day. We finally caught up on hand-washing all the dishes from yesterday (we're going to go buy a new dishwasher tomorrow). I cleaned the fish tank, did a couple loads of laundry, did general pick-up (found some floss on the bookshelves), and finally repaired/patched a pair of jeans.

Tomorrow will be busy, though, with the oh-so-exciting task of picking out a dishwasher, getting a few groceries, returning movies, and picking up some earrings that were repaired. We're also hoping to go to Zoo Lights in the evening, we will see how the day turns out!

Hope you had a great day, whether you were participating in Black Friday or Buy Nothing. :)

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