Saturday, July 7, 2007

At the Ranch

On Thursday morning Jake and I drove over to the Ranch. Grandma and Grandpa had already been there for awhile, and were happy that we joined them. We've been having lots of fun! Jake misses his Daddy, though, and I miss Mike too. He stayed behind for work and we'll see him when we drive back Sunday morning.

The renovated pool area is amazing with the new pools and fountains, and Jake LOVES them. We went 2 days in a row.

Grandma and Jake playing in the hammock.

Anamalz having a party. We have safari anamalz and farm anamalz.

Breakfast. Yum... O's!

Reading with Mama after breakfast.

After lunch... notice the feet on the table, ha.

Jake practices driving while waiting for Grandma to finish grocery shopping.

Grandpa and Jake were playing and having fun being silly.


Amy said...

A few things about this post:

1) I am so jealous you all are there, it looks like a ton of fun!

2) Your new bathing suit is really cute!

3) I can't believe Dad is still wearing that Sisters Quilt Show T-Shirt... it's like 13 years old now.

Aubrey said...

You look sooo much like your mom!! :)