Monday, July 9, 2007

How Does Your Garden Grow?

In my first post, way back when, I mentioned that I had planted lots of things for my garden. It's coming along, especially the peas. The peas are AMAZING! They've grown so fast and easily and every few days there are lots to pick and eat. Yum! I love them lightly steamed with just a little bit of butter and salt. I open up the thick ones and give Jake the peas inside to eat. They are just as good right off the vine and into our mouths, too, which is what we did today.

We also have 2 blueberry bushes. Jake's favorite -- he loves it when we go outside and pick and eat them right off the bush. Yum, nothing better! Our tomatoes are coming in strong and should be delicious. We also have carrots, radishes, zucchini, and hopefully corn coming as well. This is my first time attempting to grow corn -- I'm fascinated and have no idea what I'm doing :)

You can see Jake reaching for another pea pod here. Also, we had twice as many blueberries but Jake and I ate them!

And I just had to share this great picture of Grandpa and Jake taken at the Ranch.

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Aubrey said...

Post pictures of your garden!!
please. ;)