Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Feet and Shoes

You know your baby is becoming a toddler when you start waking up to find feet that are attached to a sleeping baby on your body or in your face. This has just started within the past week! I don't think it will go away anytime soon, if ever, until Jake is ready for his own bed. Luckily for me the feet seem to gravitate towards Mike and I haven't had feet on me yet :)
In keeping with the theme of this post, Jake LOVES shoes! He is fascinated with the concept of shoes belonging to specific people, and going on your feet. If he finds a pair of shoes he will hold up one and wants you to put it on. Then he'll hold up the other so you can put that one on, too. Then he wants you to take them off. Then put them back on. And off. And on.
Mama, put this shoe on!!

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Amy said...

Luke loves shoes too! Jake is adorable. We hope to see you guys sometime soon.