Sunday, July 15, 2007

Oregon Country Fair

Today the 3 of us drove down to Eugene for the Oregon Country Fair, and it was our first time. It was wonderful and overwhelming and so much fun! There was really good food, lots of booths with arts and crafts, and great entertainment. But the best part was the people, and all the people watching that we did. A lot of people dress up in costumes or dress down and use body paint or nothing at all, and there was just so much creativity and general good feeling there. We'll go back again next year.

When we entered the Fair we were greeted by Tree Man.
I walked around the Fair like this a lot. There was a lot to see, hear, smell, etc. and it was a bit overwhelming. It really helped Jake to be able to nurse while experiencing the Fair.
Great entertainment there!
My sweet, sweet boy!!
And my wonderful husband.
We spent part of our time there relaxing and letting Jake crawl around and play. You can see our friends in the background. (Sara, Emily's husband, Seth, Rich, Kaden, and to the right of Mike, Breana with her baby Kiran on her back).
Max, Ellie, and Jake.
There were lots of hula hoops around!
Max, Kaden, and Jake.
A nap... nice!
Then it's Jake's turn for a nap.
A wizard greeted us during our walk around the Fair.
This was what I got for myself -- a cool crown! Every girl needs a crown of her own :)
It's almost 7pm, time to leave.
One last picture of us and the sights.
Where's our car?
Dirty but happy feet!


Aubrey said...

Yay your pictures are great! It looks so colorful there. Breana's hair looks black in that picture, is it? I like Kaden's diaper issue, lol. Your husband is pretty foxy, Lee!! :) Thanks for posting all those! SOMEday, I too will go get dirty happy feet at the fair.

Korin said...

Man! I wish we'd gone! We've lived in portland for almost 11 years now, and haven't ever gone. What's wrong with me!

Lee said...

Breana's hair is black with pink streaks. It looked awesome on her.

Aubrey and Korin, you should both come camping at the fair with all of us next year!!