Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Walking ... soon.

Is this cutie pie walking yet?

A question I have been getting a lot these days is "Is Jake walking?". He is not yet walking, but he did quite a bit of walking today with the aid of a toy walker. It won't be too long now!!

Out on the deck with Grandma. It was a really pretty day.
He loved riding in this push cart.
Mama and Jake smiling for the camera.


Lynne said...

Hi Lee and Mike...Jake, too. great photos and how fun that you got enjoyed a date...enjoy the sunshine with your darling and I bet Jake will be walking very soon, he seems ready to take off.


rosy said...

videos of him walking when he starts, please!

a noel-lic dream said...

guess what, noel is finally started ready to eat. @ 9 mos old.

how old was yours? i think same?

Lee said...

Yup, Jake was 9 months old when he wanted to eat, too! :)