Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Hot Day and Cute Baby!

Today is HOT, up around 100 degrees. The house isn't really that bad (Mike might think otherwise), so we hung around all morning and then when shade finally appeared on the grass in the backyard I took Jake out to play and put him in this wash bin.

Jake was THRILLED playing in the water (as he always is). He played for a full hour, in the end he was practicing getting in and out himself. It was so cute! I took lots of pictures but can only post a select few for umm... decency issues. :)

After he played, he promptly took a nap. Nice when play like that wears your baby out so easily. Just looking at him on the bed you can see how big he's grown!

Also it was so hot but I had to do diaper laundry. Rather than throw them in the dryer and contribute to the heat in the house, I used my fantastic drying rack! I have been trying to use this more. The diapers dried in no time at all!

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