Thursday, September 20, 2007

15 Months

Jake says: "Hey, guess what? Today I'm 15 months old and yesterday I started walking! Check me out :)"

Jake is so much fun to be around. He is sweet and smiley most of the time. I love how he laughs when he means "yes". For example, "Jake, do you want some water?" Jake: "haha!" No and yes are very clear right now -- he shakes his head for no and laughs for yes. Pretty sweet!
He is starting to become attached to things. Right now he loves his white polar bear and will ask for it sometimes and then hug it. Awww. The same for his baby doll... sometimes. Other times the doll gets flung aside.
His language development is amazing. He knows even more signs now, including fire, shoes, monkey, and toast. Right now all bread is "toast" whether or not it has been toasted. Additionally, he LOVES to let Mike and me know when the toaster has popped! We like that too.
I had to buy him some new pajamas today as he is outgrowing the ones he has. Wow.
Happy 15 months, Jake! xox


Jessica said...

Happy 15 months Jake! You are getting so big and walking!!! Congrats to all of you!

Comptons said...

Oh, Lee, he is SO adorable! This is a great video.

Korin said...

That isn't walking! That is practically running :)