Thursday, September 13, 2007

Tiny Tots Gym

Today was Jake's first day of class for the Tiny Tots Gym class. He really enjoyed himself. There were about 5 other kids in the class, and one of them was still crawling/only walking with assistance, just like Jake. So we weren't kicked out of the class ;) At the beginning and end of the class a colorful parachute was brought out and we played with it for a bit. Jake wanted nothing to do with it and sat on one of the car toys and observed everything. Maybe that will change as we continue going to the class every week. He really had a good time playing during the class.
Jake got an outfit from Grandma for the first day of this class. It's very cute and was soft and made moving around easy for Jake.
My sunflowers finally bloomed. So pretty!!


joy said...

aww. i like this post. and i liked jakes shoes with the peace symbol. a tiny tot gym is a CUTE idea!

Elizabeth said...

Those are the best Robeez I have ever seen!