Monday, September 24, 2007

Music Together

Today was Jake's first day of Music Together class. We had a great time!

We walked in and immediately joined the circle of parents and children and the teacher, Claire. She was really good at leading the class and making it easy for everyone. I followed along as best as I could, the hand/body motions were easy and I just sang (softly) when I could. At first Jake was being the observer, and clinging to me. That is okay... I've noticed that is his way in new situations. Check it out before getting comfortable with it.
We went through a few songs, and then scarves came out. We waved them around and had fun with them while listening to music (from an iPod system). I finally got Jake to at least hold onto the scarf, even if he just held it and stared at Claire. Later, though, these wooden shaker eggs that made noise were dumped onto the ground. Jake dived for some as soon as he saw other kids reaching for them. A lot of families take this class every semester (a different instrument is featured each semester, this time it is the flute, an instrument that has long caused me to wince. Oy.) so some of the kids knew exactly what to do. They even knew when the song ended that the eggs must go back into the bin. Not Jake. He sat there hording 3 eggs throughout the song and then when it ended. He protested loudly when I tried to get him to give up the eggs, but I succeeded a few songs later. We'll work on that. Overall it was a very enjoyable experience and I am looking forward to next week's class. At the end of the class Jake was hungry so we were still there after everyone left and while Claire was still there, cleaning. So I introduced myself and let her know that I am deaf, but can hear with a cochlear implant. She was very surprised and commented "I just thought you were the quiet mom." Apparently there is one in every class, but I have a darn good excuse :)

Later, after class we went home and Jake wanted some time outside. He spent about 20 minutes throughly entertaining himself with the dirt from the pot outside, and I was able to wash the dishes while keeping an eye on him! He enjoyed himself, and spread dirt everywhere. When Mike came home and saw the dirt mess outside he asked what had happened. I looked at him and said "we have a boy." Didn't need to explain further.
Notice the dirt on his face. He had to have a shower in the evening. We asked if he wanted a bath, but he actually chose the shower.

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Korin said...

Oh god! He's such a KID!