Saturday, September 15, 2007

Little Fish

This morning Jake went to an introductory Little Fishes class that we had signed up for. He got lucky and had a private lesson as no one else came! That was great and he did so well in the water -- went underwater 4 times.

The instructor, Jennifer, was really nice and knew lots of things to do.

We sang a lot of songs and danced in the water. Some of the songs we sang: Wheels on the Bus, Hokey Pokey, and Monkeys Jumping on the Bed. It was funny.

Learning to push off from the wall.

I think we'll sign him up for the full series of classes as he does love the water and seems like he'll be a great swimmer. The classes are every Saturday morning at 9am, which kind of makes me groan, but we have fun once we're there. And Mike and I decided we'd take turns every Saturday, so that one person can have a nice relaxing morning at home and Jake can enjoy this activity with both of us. :)

And some BIG NEWS! Jake WALKED!! We were at Milagros for a lecture on cloth diapers (I went to be with my friend who is learning about them). Jake was all of a sudden standing there examining a toy, and was standing longer than I'd ever seen him stand. Then he took one step and then another, and then grabbed my friend's knee. I was so excited!! Gooooood times coming :)

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Korin said...

yay! I can't wait to get Ru into swim class. I keep meaning to, then forget. thanks for the reminder ;)

PS Yay for walking! it's fun fun fun :)