Tuesday, September 25, 2007

GreenDimes, Walker

Today I signed my household up for GreenDimes to help reduce/eliminate unwanted junk mail. Just a few weeks ago catalogues and other junk mail began pouring through my mail slot! I was NOT happy. I think I had managed to get myself on a no junk mail list... but that was under my old address, so I am all of a sudden on a list somewhere again. Bah! The reason I chose GreenDimes is because for a one time$15 fee they provide you multiple ways to take care of the junk mail problem (and thus reduce paper and help the environment). They send you a kit with postcards to send to junk mailers, they link you to the Direct Marketing Association website to remove your name from that list, AND they check periodically to make sure your name (or any variations of your names and everyone in your household) is still not on the list. If it appears again, they notify you so you can take steps to remove it again. Nice. I hope those catalogues, credit card offers, and coupons stop coming soon.

In other news, the little walker is doing great! I LOVE having him walk all around, makes it so much easier on me (and my back) and he is so happy about it, too. Check the next blog post for another video...
So now he's walking just fine, and is using his walker to practice RUNNING! Oy!
Awhile ago I mentioned that I would post a picture of his walker with the "bumper" I installed on it. I went to the hardware store and brought some of that foam pipe insulation stuff and cut a piece off and taped it to the front of the walker. Thank goodness I did that!!! The bumper is already starting to show wear and tear from all the crashes. If you click to enlarge the picture you can see...

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kendraott said...

HI Lee-
Thank you for signing up for GreenDimes and for taking the time to tell your readers about our service. Make sure you come back to login to tell us which catalogs you no longer wish to receive and that you stamp, sign and send your postcards when you get them! Take good care and thanks again for your post.