Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Oh, got some O's!

So this is what happens when you give a toddler an almost-full box of O's to eat while you are desperately trying to get some work done on the computer... this mama is learning!

Notice how the O's are in the blue circus train car.


Closet Hippie Geek said...

i remember the day i found M in the bathroom in a pile of freshly unrolled toilet papaer. that picture went in the email with a caption of "Today's Mischief."

joy said...

lol lee what have you done!

Michael said...

Lee and Mike:
This so reminds me of when Lauren and Drew were little and some Sesame Street character used to skulk onto the set, open up his cape and sneakily sing: "Oh, would you like to buy and "O"..."
Thanks for giving us the chance to take a peak at what's going on out there from way out here in Boston!
Hope all is well.

Michael and Diane