Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I needed some curtains for my office window, as they look almost directly into my neighbor's bedroom window. I can never see anything into their window, but I have no idea how much they can see into mine. The curtains that hang there now certainly brought a little peace of mind :) (Additionally, they are good for bright, sunny days when the sunlight bounces off my neighbor's yellow house directly into my line of vision while I'm working on the computer.)

My friend Guthrie and I went to pick out some fabric, and it was kind of scary how easily we found what we were looking for; my previous attempt at picking out fabric for chair cushions took me through 3 different fabric stores and it wasn't until my mother went to a fourth that we found something we were happy with. He immediately went to the orange background while I pointed to the sheer flower foreground to match. My wonderful mother then sewed the curtains together, even though this wasn't the easiest of fabrics to work with. I just love the results!

I plan to get some hooks to be able to pull the curtains aside when we want more light or air.
Looking at it with both fabrics together.
The fabrics separately.

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