Monday, September 17, 2007

Wildlife Safari

On Sunday the three of us drove down to Winston, Oregon, just south of Roseburg. I had a site visit for work in Roseburg on Monday, so we took advantage of the road trip and visited this Wildlife Safari. It was basically a big drive-through zoo. It was very cool and we saw a lot of animals up close. I took lots of pictures, but picked a few of the better/cooler ones to post here.

A lion and lioness!! (Click to enlarge picture.)
Giraffe -- my favorite.
Buffalo and llamas.
Grizzly bears!!
One of the bears that was in the water... decided to get out of the water and start ambling towards our car. We moved on.
Jake had a great time getting to ride in the front of the car while going through the safari! (10 mph speed limit.) I made him hide the apple when we were in the bear area.
Baby yak. Yakkity yak, don't talk back :)
Camel with a lazy yak.
Rhea (this was in the "Asia" section).
Some kind of Asian deer.
Baby rhea.
Cheetah -- up close!! They have a successful captive cheetah breeding facility here.
Touring the village after going through in the car. Jake LOOOOOOVES cars! There were lots of other animals, too. We saw rhino (and we got a little paper stating to keep driving if rhinos come at or close to the car -- apparently there have been lots of punctured cars and punctured tires from them, eek! Fortunately they seemed to be sleeping when we went through). We also saw elephants, elk, mustang horses, black bears, monkeys, and ducks. There was a petting zoo in the village but we were there right at closing, unfortunately.
The view from our hotel room in Roseburg. Not bad!
In the car on the way back to Portland. Had to stop for a diaper change and some milk and some wiggle time. We were all glad when we arrived home.

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