Saturday, September 8, 2007

Berries and Party

We went berry picking again -- got some end of the summer raspberries and blackberries. Had to make more jam -- we have really been enjoying the jam I made and realized that we will be sad when it is all gone, so I am really glad I got the chance to make more. Jake was in the carrier on my back, and I kept handing him blackberries. Apparently he was having great fun crushing them up in his hands and then smearing them all over my white shirt!!!
I really didn't plan to wear a white shirt to go berry picking... that was kind of stupid... but it was cold and overcast when I left my house and I had a dark shirt on over the white one. When we arrived at the farm it was hot and sunny so rather than sweat buckets, I let my white shirt get stained. I used the last of my stain remover on this shirt... we will see if it worked!
Jake had a good time, too. We met friends there and he enjoyed chatting with Max, Ruby, and Nora.
Apparently my white shirt wasn't the only place the crushed blackberries went...
Tonight we went to a wedding celebration for some friends who got married in Las Vegas.
Jake stayed with Grandma and Grandpa and had a good time.
At the party with our friends -- Lee, Forrest, Eva, Barb, Anna, Dave, Alan, and Mike in the foreground.
Lee and Christine -- we used to work together and are now in "book" club together.
With Christine and Jeff, the newlyweds.

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Radical Midwife said...

Hi Lee!!

Wow, you guys look so beautiful! And BIG and cute!

Miss you!