Monday, October 20, 2008

28 Months

Today Jake is 28 months old. He weighs about 27.5 pounds and measures in at 35 inches tall (gained a little over half an inch in 2 months!). His language development continues to astound me. He is regularly talking in 3-word sentences, both in ASL and English. I have even seen a few 4-word sentences. He refers to himself as "Jake-me" and loves to tell me and others about things he did or things that happened recently. Every night when we are in bed and getting ready to sleep, I recount the day and he now will chime in to add to what I am recalling about the day. He is saying more things in English (today he started saying "whoopsie-daisy", something his playmate, Skylar says. Hilarious). He is also using more signs and changing some of the signs that he uses to make them correctly (he signs "help" by using 2 fists with the thumbs pointed up and moving the fists upward together, but just yesterday he corrected that to 1 fist with the thumb pointed up and the other hand flat underneath the fist).
He loves to pour his own milk into his cup or the cereal bowl, eats an apple a day when they are available, and loves stuffing popcorn into his mouth. He watches Curious George, Clifford the Big Red Dog, or Thomas the Train DVDs after dinner.
And he loves to give us lots of kisses and cuddles.
He is a very active boy who LOVES to be outside as much as possible. The other day he discovered the joy that is sliding down a grassy hill that was slightly muddy from rain. Mama discovered the joy of cleaning mud off jacket, clothes, and shoes. When not outside at the playground or running around, he is inside, also running around and jumping off furniture (oy) and doing exercises.
Bicep curls.
He still loves to read. However, right now he doesn't have a favorite book but rather loves to read the product inserts for things like Brio, Lego, and Thomas the Train. We think he is ready for the Richard Scarry books. Before we know it, he'll be reading War and Peace!


Shana said...

The time goes by so fast. One day they're three months old, the next they're 28 months old.

My son will be 20 YEARS old on Sunday. Oy vey.

Shana said...

PS, you know that email you sent me with that link? Can you send it again? Thanks!