Friday, October 17, 2008

Water Bottle

Yesterday was my first time traveling for work in a long, long time 2 years. Since that time I have become more and more eco-conscious, so before I started traveling this time I thought about all the water bottles one purchases and uses during a business trip. On a trip with one overnight, that is about 5 bottles of water, and there usually are no recycling facilities for the bottles (although that is slowly improving) and I don't have enough room in my luggage for that many bottles especially now that some airlines are charging you for how many bags you check.

Not to mention... there are more reports about how most bottled water is just tap water anyway, and sometimes worse than that. I got this in my email today:

It's just what we've all suspected - pure, "straight from the mountains" bottled water is not so pure after all. Yesterday, EWG released an industry-rattling report that reveals the dirty truth about bottled water.

We tested 10 brands and found an alarming array of contaminants, including cancer-causing byproducts of chlorination, fertilizer residue, industrial solvents and even caffeine.

In light of these disturbing findings, here's what you can do:

• Drink filtered tap water instead of bottled or unfiltered tap water.
• Mix infant formula with filtered, non-fluoridated water.
• Carry water in safe, reusable containers.

For more information, click here

So prior to my trip yesterday, I had purchased this bottle:

When you take it apart, it looks like this. You unscrew the cap, and the filter is attached. You fill the bottle with water and then squeeze some out the top and you are good to go.
You can find this bottle and others at this website
I just might order the smaller size, the one that looks like a regular disposable water bottle with just the filter because the one I have was just a little bigger than I wanted it to be for air travel.

Nevertheless, I'm glad I brought it with me. I had it empty when I went through airport security, then simply went to a drinking fountain inside the terminal and filled it up. Voila, clean, filtered drinking water that was free!


Shana said...

Did you pick this up locally or have to order it?

Have a safe journey!

Lee said...

Ordered online. I wonder if Mirador carries them? Not sure.

Frannie said...

That's a really neat bottle Lee, I might have to order one myself!!!